Various Arduino Projects

Author:Ralf Schlatterbeck <>


Libraries need to be installed in the hardware/libraries directory of the unpacked arduino software.

  • OneWire: Stolen somewhere off the net and fixed device discovery, BSD-style copyright
  • OW_Devices: Builds on top of OneWire and encapsulates different devices (in particular a temperature sensor Dallas/Maxim DS18S20 and a realtime-clock Dallas/Maxim DS2417)
  • FreqCounter library by Martin Nawrath, someday I'll change this to be more object-oriented...
  • time: gmtime implementation for arduino
  • timer: polled timer and debounced digital inputs for arduino


Projects are arduino sketches and need to be installed into your arduino sketchbook.path.

  • Capacity: Measure capacity with two methods: By loading via a resistor and measuring the time (for capacities down to about 10 nF) and by using a NE555 as oscillator with known resistors and using a frequency-counter (from about 100nF down to some pF)
  • huehner: Chicken door, see (in german), improved software and hardware compared to the above blog-entry (added an error-LED and a one-wire clock)
  • onewireclock: Software to display and set the one-wire realtime clock DS2417
  • temperature: temperature measurement with DS18S20
  • water: Small box to switch electric valves for watering the garden, this switches 220V electric valves with opto-couplers, so I'm not making the schematics available because you need to know what you're doing with these voltages


Every file that doesn't have an explicit license in the file itself is covered by the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) or higher.


Version 0.2: Fixes for newer Arduino development package

  • Fix various problems with obsolete include files
  • Fix several compiler warnings

Version 0.1: Initial Release

Initial Release of Arduino Software.

  • Initial Release